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The incident that started the dawkins / greenwald beef on twitter was when greenwald tweeted an article that insinuated bigotry on dawkins' part for agreeing to debate cardinals, rabbis, etc, but refused to be interviewed by a muslim journalist. Journalist glenn greenwald says he’s not done reporting on the trove of national security agency documents provided by edward snowden, and that his future work further expose the extent of the nsa’s surveillance. Naturally, glenn greenwald used this news to once again accuse charlie hebdo of bashing muslims because he is unable to distinguish between criticism or satirization of a religion, and attacks on members of that religion as a whole. Greenwald told wired that he thinks that four of the five muslim-american targets they identified in their story probably were surveilled with a warrant but a government official told a media partner that was working with greenwald on the story that in the case of awad no warrant was obtained.

In a story he touted for weeks as the most important in the archive of nsa documents given to him by nsa leaker edward snowden, glenn greenwald reported wednesday that five muslim american political activists have been subject to surveillance by the. Sam harris and glenn greenwald, two thinkers i admire, have recently become entangled in a debate over islam basically, for those who haven't been following this, a slew of articles have been publ. A new report from the intercept shows that the nsa and fbi specifically targeted five prominent muslim-americans for surveillance, including a former bush administration official glenn greenwald hinted that a big scoop was on the way last week, but delayed its publication pending new reporting.

The guardian's glenn greenwald inadvertently argues that every muslim in the west should be interred or deported. Glenn greenwald: a long overdue debate breaks out about whether rational atheism is being used as a cover for islamophobia and us militarism. The us spied on emails of five high-profile muslim americans to try to identify security threats, documents leaked by edward snowden show.

It always saddens me when i see ex-muslims using their unfortunate and ugly experiences to promote right wing politics why are so many ex-muslims. There has been no shortage of morally obtuse responses to last week’ massacre in paris in which twelve staffers of the satirical weekly charlie hebdo were killed in retaliation against the. People from every race, all over the world, convert into judaism they’re as jewish as any other jew, even though they obviously keep the race into which they were born. But then i noticed that the columnist glenn greenwald had broadcast an approving tweet enough to fight the religious lunatics of the muslim world are the .

Arch-vulture glenn greenwald could not miss the opportunity to exploit the death of six muslims in quebec and pin it on atheists:. Greenwald dismissed critics of cair, who contend the organization is terrorist-friendly, as smear merchants he praised cair for its concerted effort to fight alleged oppression of muslims in the united states and abroad. More edward snowden/glenn greenwald revelations: the us government monitored the email accounts of five muslim-american activists in apparent violation of fisa standards for email surveillance. What is the meaning of greenwald how popular is the baby name greenwald learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce greenwald. Interview with glenn greenwald by the islamic monthly editor-in-chief amina chaudary america has always prided itself on being the “land of the free” in fact, the state of new hampshire has adopted “live free or die” as its official motto.

Greenwald muslim

A few weeks ago, a fight broke out between two heavyweights of the blogosphere: sam harris and glenn greenwald i respect both of them so didn't want to have to choose sides. In a much-discussed story published this week on the intercept, glenn greenwald and murtaza hussain highlight the cases of five muslim american leaders whose e-mails have been monitored by the us government “under secretive procedures intended to target terrorists and foreign spies . Washington — a new report based on documents provided by edward j snowden has identified five american muslims, its writers was glenn greenwald, . Glenn greenwald on “submissive” media’s drumbeat for war and “despicable” anti-muslim scapegoating.

  • That greenwald would be so connected to a muslim brotherhood front group indicates not only that he and snowden conspired to help the brotherhood but also timed the .
  • Secondly, muslims must be allowed to have ideas, discuss and criticize their own belief systems without fear yes, this is easy for me to say, a non-muslim living in western europe.

In “no place to hide,” glenn greenwald writes about edward snowden, the national security agency and the dangers of government surveillance. The civil-liberties advocate anthony romero said new information about nsa surveillance will be exposed in a forthcoming article. Glenn greenwald’s “no place to hide on the nsa’s sweeping efforts to ‘know it all the new york police department’s spying on muslims and the .

Greenwald muslim
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